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    Art Drentlau   This site gives a brief overview of my life-long search for the Ultimate Truth and how it lead me to become a motivational & transformational speaker.  You will also learn about a project I’m passionately involved with known as the Statue of Responsibility. I grew up in a small town in New Jersey.  Around the age of 17, I overheard a conversation about the collective consciousness.  Little did I know, this is where my search for answers would begin. Upon graduation from high school in 1968, I joined the United States Navy becoming a survival, evasion, resistance, and escape (SERE) instructor.  I was tasked with running a simulated POW camp designed for those who had a strong chance of being captured in Viet Nam.  Although this was a simulated environment, I was shocked to see how quickly our students actually began to believe they were really prisoners of war and not just in a simulated training environment.  Seeing this motivated me to begin studying how the human mind works. After leaving the Navy, I decided to document my research on the human mind and combine these findings with my search for the true meaning of life.  Ten years into my research, I discovered the work of Viktor Frankl, a Holocaust survivor from Austria who later became a neurologist and psychiatrist.  Frankl is the founder of logotherapy, a form of existential analysis, the "Third Viennese School of Psychotherapy".  As a prisoner of a Nazi concentration camp, Frankl saw a flower growing in a crack in the concrete and said to himself, “If that flower can survive here, so can I!”  While in the camp, Frankl studied the behavior of the guards and his fellow inmates, much like I studied the behavior of my SERE students. Viktor Frankl wrote the book “Mans Search for Meaning”.  In this book, Frankl promoted the idea that there needs to be a Statue of Responsibility on the West coast of America to complement the Statue of Liberty on the East coast.  This Statue of Responsibility will be a symbol of the personal responsibility we have towards our fellow man; treating everyone with respect thus allowing everyone to be truly free.  I found this to be very inspirational and I wanted to see his dream of the statue come true.  Thankfully, I discovered and joined a group of other like-minded people dedicated to bringing Frankl’s Statue of Responsibility dream into fruition.  This is more than a statue; this is the beginning of a worldwide movement of personal responsibility.
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Art Drentlau
A Manifesto of Response-Ability Agreements When Properly Understood the Laws of Physics and the Spiritual Laws are One, and the same Universal Law! Everyone is born a Self-Governing Being and remains so throughout life! We Are Free to Think, Believe and Act as we Choose to and we do! No one or No thing can Control our Thoughts, Beliefs or Actions without our Agreement! We are Personally Responsible for our Thought, Beliefs and Actions, we have Response-Ability to our Agreements! Just like finger prints and DNA no two people have the same Thought Process or Belief System! You are far more than you have come to believe!